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Before customers walk through your company’s doors, they’ll notice the landscaping on your property. Healthy landscaping around your commercial property shows that your company takes pride in appearances. Even small planters and shrubbery should be well-maintained to keep customers interested in your business.

The commercial landscapers of Pitt Landscape & Construction specialize in shrubbery, grass and other plant life commonly used for landscaping. With experience in the Draper, UT area since 2007, you can trust Pitt Landscape & Construction to do the job right.

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Commercial Landscapers?

Get landscaping for your commercial properties in Draper from Pitt Landscape & Construction.

As a business owner, you probably don’t have much time to trim bushes or mow the lawn in front of your commercial property. It’s our job at Pitt Landscape & Construction to keep the terrain around your business looking great so you can continue doing your job. When you have beautifully designed landscaping around your commercial property, customers are more likely to stop and stay.

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If your commercial property is older, has a large lawn, garden or other landscaping feature, it’s a good idea to hire professionals to keep it regularly maintained. This goes beyond just mowing the lawn. The pros at Pitt Landscape & Construction will clean gutters, mulch flower beds, trim shrubbery and more. We’ll help with any of those monthly chores needed to keep your landscaping looking its best.

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Year Round


From spring and summer to the chilly fall and winter months, even if your landscaping isn’t growing, it still needs attention. Pitt Landscape & Construction professionals offer year-round service for businesses across the Draper area. From planting flower beds to raking leaves, we make sure your commercial property looks great from January to December.

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Winter brings a lot of good things with it, including snow for sledding, snowboarding and skiing. But when parking lots and commercial spaces in Draper get snowy, driving and walking can become dangerous. Protect your employees and customers with professional snow removal from Pitt Landscape & Construction. Getting pros to de-ice your parking lot and walkways prevents injuries and potential lawsuits while making sure your landscaping looks presentable.

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