Landscaping and Hardscaping

Landscaping and hardscaping are popular ways to enhance and improve a yard. Pitt Landscape specializes in both services. Landscaping deals primarily with the arrangement of foliage and greenery in a yard. This would include flowers, shrubs, trees and plants. Their placement and growing periods are considered for maximum beauty year-round.

Hardscaping is using architectural elements like paths, arbors, patios and firepits to create a dynamic space out of your yard. Pitt Landscape can landscape or hardscape or combine them to transform your yard into an extension of your home and lifestyle.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls provide structure and containment to your yard. They also can separate and portion off parts of your yard, designating different areas. A good retaining wall should be structurally sound and perform its job elegantly.

Paths and Walkways

Paths and walkways help in the natural movement and flow of your yard. They can create a natural way to access your garden and add a visually pleasing element to your yard. Rocks, stones, planks and even moss and greenery can be used for paths and walkways in your yard.
H2: Patios and Pergolas

Patios are a great extension for your yard. Whether you leave them open or cover them with a pergola for added shade, they are highly versatile. You can add a fire pit or a grill and have living space outdoors. Give your family a place to gather in the evening with a patio.


As you extend your living space into your yard, appropriate lighting will allow you to use the area long into the evening. Our team can design a lighting system to enhance your landscape and help you enjoy extended time with your family.
H2: Outdoor Kitchen

Go all out when you entertain in your yard with an outdoor kitchen. Your guests and family will love congregating, especially with the promise of food you have prepared. Grills, countertops, stone ovens and cabinetry are components to your outdoor kitchen Pitt Landscaping can take care of for you.