Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn care professionals make your lawn look great.

During the winter, dirt becomes hard packed from dead grass and weight of Salt Lake City’s “Greatest Snow on Earth”. Then in the summer, this hard-packed dirt dries out and stifles the roots, preventing deeper root growth and a healthy lawn.

Lawn aeration services from Pitt Landscape will remove a plug of soil which provides a one-way tunnel for oxygen, fertilizer, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots, strength their hold, and soften the soil. If you want the greenest lawn all season long, we recommend you have your lawn aerated twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall.

Lawn Mowing, Trimming & Edging

Did you know you may be mowing your lawn too short or keeping it too long and that length changes from early spring through the summer? When it’s early in April, Pitt lawn care professionals start mowing your lawn at a lower height and then gradually increase the length as the temperatures rise. As the spring rains roll into this area, a short lawn will absorb the water, thicken the roots, and provide a great lawn foundation for the year. In the summer months, longer grass retains moisture, cools the soil, and crowds out weeds.

Lawn Fertilization

A regular lawn feeding and fertilization builds the cell walls of the grass, strengthens the roots, and gives your grass that deep green color. Depending on the amount of shade, foot traffic, heat and cold, as well as other stresses your lawn receives, you may need to fertilize more often than you think. We recommend you fertilize your lawn at least four times a year: Early spring, late spring, once in the summer months, and once in the fall to make sure your lawn is ready for the winter and to return better than ever next spring.

Bug & Disease Control

The sun is often blamed for a weak looking lawn, but the problem may be lying just below the surface. Grubs, ants, beetles, fungi, and turfgrass diseases can cause dead patches and discolored grass. Whether you are looking to stop the advancement of these problems or want to prevent these nuisances, Pitt Landscape lawn care professionals can keep them out of your lawn and off your mind.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

Your lawn won’t look its best with a broken or faulty sprinkler system. The system needs to distribute water evenly throughout your yard. When Pitt Landscape installs your sprinkler system, we emphasize strategic water distribution so you never waste any water. We can also immediately repair any sprinkler problems and prevent excess water from flooding your lawn.

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