We have been providing the Wasatch Front with lawn and yard care services for over 10-years. We are a fully licensed company and take pride in our work. Pitt Landscape is available for one-time comprehensive yard clean-ups to a regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Our team provides several services and package plans for your lawn care. Here are a few services we provide and the benefits they provide to your lawn:

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

Adequate water is the first thing your lawn needs to be green and healthy. A broken or faulty sprinkler system will not get the water where it needs to be. Have the experts with Pitt repair, replace or install a new sprinkler system. Put an end to brown spots and a dead, patchy looking lawn. Pitt can design a sprinkler system designed to distribute the water evenly and effectively with minimal waste.

Aeration Service

Pitt Landscape provides aeration services as part of our lawn care services. We recommend twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Aeration is a benefit to your lawn as it allows air, water, fertilizer and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and get to the roots.
Soil and dirt become compressed in the wintertime due to the snow-pack we have here in Utah. As that dirt dries out, it becomes hard and suffocating to grass. Let Pitt aerate your lawn as part of a service pack.


Feeding your lawn with a region and season appropriate fertilizer is another crucial step in getting your lawn healthy. Regular fertilization builds the cellular walls of grass, strengthens roots and discourages weed growth. We recommend fertilizing your lawn 4-times a year for optimal health. Pitt Landscape can fertilize your lawn with a region and season-specific blend. Once you have set your lawn up to withstand each season, it weathers easier.

Mowing, Trimming and Edging your Lawn

Grass length is a contributing factor to the general health of your lawn. Let the experts with Pitt mow, edge and trim your lawn effectively. If the grass blades are too long in the wrong season, then water cannot penetrate to the roots. If the grass is too short when it is hot, water in the soil evaporates quickly and the sun dries out the roots. Trust our team to know the best length for your lawn in every season.

Disease and Bug Control

Lack of water, heat and sun are not always to blame for dead spots in your lawn. Sometimes the problem is under the surface in the form of grubs, beetles, crickets, ants and fungi. Pitt Landscape can take care of bugs and disease ridding your yard of invasive pests. Let us diagnose any issues your lawn may have and treat the problem before is spreads.