Our team incorporates many options to ensure your lawn is green, healthy and in optimal condition.

Aerating your Lawn

Aeration is when plugs of compacted soil are removed from your lawn to allow air, water and fertilizer to access the roots. A healthy lawn starts with proper aeration and is recommended at least twice a year.

Fertilization Services

We suggest your lawn is fertilized about 4 times a year but will evaluate the health of your lawn first. We factor in how much foot-traffic, shade, and water your lawn receives before fertilizing it. Time of year and temperature are also a taken into consideration before we begin. Overfertilization is as harmful as no fertilization at all, trust our professionals to treat your lawn right.

Mowing & Edging

Proper mowing is more than just pushing a lawn mower around your yard once a week. Our expert landscapers know that the frequency of mowing is as important as the length of the grass and the time of the season. We know when it is best to have short blades of grass and when to leave it long for optimal growth and health. For that extra, well-manicured look, we edge and trim your lawn too.

Sprinkler Repair & Installations in Taylorsville

A lawn that is not adequately watered will die, no matter what. If your current sprinkler system doesn’t work or is inadequate, let Pitt Landscaping service your sprinkler system. We can repair damaged parts and replace broken sprinkler heads to get water to where your lawn needs it most. Take the guess-work of when and how much to water with a programmable sprinkler system installed by Pitt.

Pest, Bugs & Disease

Discolored and dead looking lawns are usually blamed on the hot Utah summers, but that is not always the problem. We have a large variety of invasive pest and diseases that lie just under the surface and can harm and kill your lawn. Luckily the professionals at Pitt Landscaping know how to treat disease-prone lawns and eradicate many local pests.

Pitt Landscaping for all your Lawn Care and Maintenance Needs.

Pitt Landscaping specializes in total lawn care for the Taylorsville, UT area. Our team of landscape and lawn care experts will get your yard looking great and back in shape in no time. Call (801) 971-6282, to get your yard maintenance and care set up now.