The Value of Great Lawn and Garden Service

When applied to your lawn, the old maxim of pay now or pay later is true. Overgrown grass and weeds that have gone unnoticed for a long period of time can develop problems and can lead to pricey improvements. Some of the mentioned issues consist of:

  • Messy Shrubs and Plants – These can grow into your gutters, siding and A/C unit and cause damage.
  • Overgrowth – Restricts views from windows, driveways, narrow access points and could make a tripping hazard in some circumstances.
  • Weeds in the Flower Beds – Weeds can quickly inundate a flower bed and restrict the plants you want to grow, or even neutralize them.
  • Insects and Pests – Plants and trees that aren’t cultivated are prone to insect and pest absorption.

Pitt Landscaping’s Lawn and Yard Care Services

Through Pitt Landscaping, Inc, you can get routine lawn and garden service in the Cottonwood Heights area to prevent your property from becoming wild. Through our lawn care services, your yard will get the attention it needs. Also, we’ll routinely review things, alert you of any problems and provide you with solutions.
Our lawn care services consist of:

  • Mowing your grass – Knowing the best length for the lawn to be cut is vital for optimal health. Shorter grass in the spring and early summer permits water and sun access to the roots, strengthening your lawn. Leaving the lawn longer in the late summer and fall holds the water close to the roots where it’s needed, while protecting them from the heat of the sun.
  • Pruning shrubs – Understanding how and when to trim shrubs and bushes to maintain shape or spur growth is a skill we specialize in. Cutting back a shrub at the wrong time of year can damage it. Trust our team to take the best care of your shrubs and plants.
  • Weeding – Pitt Landscaping will remove weeds from your lawn and landscape. Spot treatments and digging up weeds prior to germination will minimize their spread.
  • Mulch around flower beds – If you are looking for that perfect finishing touch to your yard, then mulch is the answer. Mulch acts as a barrier against weeds, protects roots from the sun, retains moisture and enhances the all over appeal of your yard.
  • Leaf removal – Keeping your lawn free of fallen and dead leaves adds to the overall look of your property. A beautifully manicured yard creates an inviting space to spend time in.
  • Improve drainage with gutter cleanup – If your gutter system is full of leaves and twigs, water cannot drain away from your roof as it should. Pitt Landscaping services include clearing out the debris which clogs your gutters and disrupts proper drainage. We ensure your gutters drain the runoff away from the foundation of your home with our gutter cleaning service.
  • Watering your yard – Optimal watering is key to a thriving and healthy lawn. Pitt landscapers know the best time of day and amount to water your lawn. Avoid the hottest time of day is the best way to ensure your lawn is watered well. Overseed your lawn for enhancement.
  • Aeration – Aerating your lawn encourages grass to grow by removing small plugs of dirt from your entire lawn. The hole allows water and nutrients from fertilization to reach the roots more effectively. Aeration also lets the roots stretch and grow while decreasing density that not good for your lawn.
  • Seasonal yard clean up – Pitt Landscaping offers services that will winterize your yard in the fall and clean it up in the spring. Thorough yard care maintenance routines are a solid investment for your property.
  • Sprinkler maintenance and installation – Grass requires consistent water to grow and stay green and healthy. Pitt can handle your sprinkler maintenance as part of your lawn care needs.
  • Supplemental landscape services – Pitt Landscaping provides further landscaping and hardscaping services for your property.

For Lawn Care and Cleanup Services Reach Out to Pitt Landscaping

Lawn care takes time and effort. Pitt Landscaping wants to free up more time in your life by taking care of your lawn care needs. For more information on our lawn care services, reach out to us at (801) 971-6282. Our skillful lawn contractors are ready to be your resource for quality lawn and garden services in Cottonwood Heights