Our Professional Lawn Maintenance Services

To ensure your lawns optimal health and maintenance, let the team with Pitt Landscaping become your lawn care professionals. From start to finish we will evaluate your yard and provide seasonal servicing, year-round maintenance or one-time jobs. You can rely on our residential lawn care services in Midvale, UT, to make your property look pristine.


The first step to a healthy lawn is aeration. When a lawn is properly aerated air, water and fertilizer can get down to the roots of your lawn.


Fertilizing your lawn regularly strengthens the roots and improves the cell-structure of the grass. Temperature, shade, and foot-traffic will determine how much fertilizer your lawn will require for optimal health. We will evaluate the overall state of your lawn and fertilize as needed. Four times a year is recommended to maintain a healthy lawn.

Edging, Trimming & Mowing

At Pitt Landscaping, we know the time of year will determine how often your lawn should be mowed, as well as the length your grass should be. When your lawn is shorter in the spring, water is more easily absorbed and will strengthen the roots. That strong root system can protect your lawn well into the hot and dry summer months. We leave your lawn longer as spring moves on to summer to hold in moisture and protect from the sun. Our professionals will also edge and trim your lawn for that polished-off look.

Sprinkler Maintenance

As part of your complete lawn care maintenance, we can install new sprinklers or repair any damages to your existing system. Your lawn cannot look good or live without a reliable watering system. Take the guess-work of how much and when to water your lawn with a programmable sprinkler system installation with Pitt.

Bug, Pest & Disease Control

Utah’s high, arid desert is not always to blame for discolored, weak and dead-looking lawns. The problem may be just under the surface with pests and disease that live in the soil and grass. There is a variety of invasive pests that can cause havoc to your lawn’s health. Luckily the professionals with Pitt Landscaping know how to treat disease-prone lawns and eradicate many local bugs.

Pitt Landscaping for all your Lawn Care and Maintenance Needs

Pitt Landscaping specializes in total lawn care in Midvale, UT. Our dedicated team of landscape experts will get your yard looking and performing its best. Call (801) 971-6282, to get your yard maintenance and care set up now.