Does the Length of My Grass Matter?

Lawn care professionals make your lawn look great.

Mowing, Trimming & Edging your Lawn

Did you know the length of your grass should change as the seasons move from spring through fall? Keeping your lawn the appropriate length ensures optimal growth and can minimize the amount of watering needed. Fortunately, Pitt Landscaping will keep your lawn length at the correct height so it grows well. Our lawn care professionals start mowing your lawn at a lower height in early spring and gradually increase the length as the temperatures rise. Whether the moisture comes from rain or from sprinklers, a short lawn allows the soil to absorb the water, thicken the roots, and provide a great foundation for your grass throughout the year. As spring turns into summer, let the grass blades grow longer so your lawn will retain moisture, cooling the soil, and crowd out the weeds.

How Does Aerating My Lawn Help?

Wintertime in Murray, UT, means heavy wet snow that blankets your yard. That weight hard-packs the soils and smothers your grass. As the weather warms up the hard-packed dirt dries out and suffocates the roots, preventing deeper root growth for a healthy, green lawn.

Lawn aeration services from Pitt Landscape in Murray, UT, will remove a plug of soil, allowing a one-way tunnel for oxygen, fertilizer, water, and other nutrients to reach the roots and soften the soil and promote healthy growth. If you want the greenest lawn from spring to the first snowfall, we recommend that we aerate your lawn twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall. Our affordable lawn care services are the perfect supplement to your landscaping needs.

Sprinkler Installations and Sprinkler Repairs

Your lawn cannot be green, healthy or look its best if it isn’t being watered. Pitt Landscaping professional lawn care services provide sprinkler repairs and sprinkler system installations for homes in the Murray area. A broken or faulty sprinkler system doesn’t have to ruin your yard or dampen your summer plans. The system needs to distribute water evenly across your lawn. Whether Pitt Landscape installs your sprinkler system or repairs it, we emphasize strategic water distribution so you never waste any water.

Lawn Fertilization Services

Did you know that Pitt Landscaping provides regular lawn feeding and fertilization services in Murray, UT? Regular fertilization builds the cell walls of the lawn, strengthens the roots, makes it thick and plush and gives your grass a rich green color. Depending on the amount of shade, foot traffic, heat and cold, and additional stresses your lawn encounters, you may need to fertilize more often than you think. The lawn care service team with Pitt Landscaping recommends fertilizing your lawn at least four times a year with seasonally-accurate fertilizers. You can trust our team to know the best product to use and when to apply the fertilizer to your yard for maximum benefit.

We Rid Your Lawn of Pests & Bugs

Heat and the sun are not always the culprits for a brown, patchy lawn. Grubs, ants, beetles, fungi, and turfgrass diseases can cause dead spots and discolored grass. Pitt Landscape lawn care professionals can keep them out of your lawn, whether you are looking to stop these problems or prevent these nuisances from taking up residence.

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With the variety of affordable lawn care services Pitt landscaping offers you are sure to find something to take care of any issue you face. Especially if that issue is freeing up your time to relax with family and friends this season. Call our team today to discuss a lawn care plan that works for you. Pitt Landscaping near Murray, UT, can be reached at (801) 971-6282.

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