For over ten years we have excelled at our services and been the city’s top-rated lawn care and landscape company. Our experience to maintain and correctly care for your lawn means you have a team you can trust to get the job done. We are locally owned and operated, so each of our service professionals knows the seasons and will take care of your yard accordingly. We can ensure your lawn is healthy and green through the driest, hottest Augusts, and dormant and protected all winter long. We provide the best service citywide, and our lawn care specialists are dedicated to your satisfaction.

A homeowner has a certain sense of pride in their yard. Pitt Landscape ensures that you will have the best looking lawn on the block with our services schedule. Lawn maintenance with us means you have one less thing to worry about. Thick, healthy turf is our top goal when we take charge of your lawn care routine.

Mowing, Trimming & Edging your Lawn

The seasons of the year are a determining factor in how long to leave your lawn. Short grass in the spring and early summer lets water penetrate the ground to the roots and allows maximum sunlight for optimal growth. Keeping your lawn longer through the hotter parts of summer holds water and moisture in and protects the blades and roots of the grass from drying out in the heat. In Salt Lake, Pitt Landscape knows the best length to leave your lawn.

Weed Control & Fertilization

Fertilization should always be a key component in thorough lawn care. For the Salt Lake City area, Pitt Landscape recommends applying fertilization to your lawn four times a year. We use a regional specific blend that changes based upon the season or if you have pests or disease in your grass.

Lawn Aeration Services

Throughout the year the turf and dirt of your yard become hard-packed, and nutrients cannot get to the roots of your lawn. Aeration removes a plug of soil from your grass, allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate the roots and build the cellular structure of your lawn. Pitt Landscape’s methods provide you with a more robust lawn.

Pests & Disease

Utah sun is frequently blamed for dead lawns in Salt Lake. However, brown patches can also be the result of bugs, disease, and fungi in your lawn. Grubs, beetles and other parasites can cause problems in your yard. Pitt Landscape has proven methods to remove, treat and prevent disease and pests from inhabiting your lawn and killing it.

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

The first thing your lawn needs to grow is water. Making sure your lawn receives the correct amount of water will fluctuate depending on the time of year. When you have the experts with Pitt Landscaping maintain your lawn you are guaranteed the optimal amount of water for each season. We design and install sprinkler systems as well as maintain them, so they are always in good condition.

Pitt Landscape for your Lawn Care

For the best looking yard in Salt Lake, have Pitt Landscape take care of it. Our lawn care and maintenance programs provide you with a great looking and healthy landscape all year long. Call 801-971-6282 to schedule an appointment.