As the area’s top-rated landscape company for over ten years, Pitt Landscape has the experience needed to maintain and care for your lawn correctly. Because we are a locally owned and operated company, we are well aware of the season in the state, so you know you will get the proper care at the appropriate time of year to keep your lawn thriving in the summer and dormant and living through our winters. Our experts provide the best service around and work with you, ensuring your satisfaction when it comes to your lawn care.

A flourishing, green lawn can be a point of pride for any homeowner. With Pitt Landscape maintaining your lawn year-round, you can have the yard in South Jordan that your neighbors envy. A thick and luxurious turf is closer than you think when Pitt Landscape takes care of your lawn.

Our Services include:

Lawn Aeration Services

Aeration ensures a strong, healthy root system as it allows air, fertilizer, and water down to the roots of your lawn. Pitt Landscape’s aeration services in South Jordan, UT, are recommended twice a year for optimal health and growth of your lawn. Over the seasons the dirt that supports your lawn becomes compacted and hard. Aeration removes a small plug of dirt that enables nutrients to move to the roots, strengthening them and increasing your lawn’s vitality.

Lawn Mowing, Edging & Trimming

The length of your lawn should change with the season. Keeping your grass short in the spring and early summer allows water and sunlight to travel to the roots quickly, ensuring they are receiving the water and sunlight they need to grow. Longer blades of grass in the summer and fall protects them from the drying effects of the sun and holds in the moisture from the morning better. Pitt Landscape knows the proper length to leave your lawn and care for it adequately.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization is crucial to a healthy, green lawn. Proper lawn maintenance should always include at least one application of fertilization if not more. Pitt Landscape will fertilize your lawn with a regional and season-specific blend to ensure a robust cellular structure to the grass. We recommend fertilizing your South Jordan lawn four times a year for the best results.

Sprinkler Installation & Maintenance

Water is the first thing your lawn needs to grow. If your sprinkler system is damaged or broken, then chances are your grass is dead. Pitt Landscape can install, repair and maintain your sprinklers, so they are always in the best shape. We utilize a strategic water distribution with our installations for optimal water coverage. Our experience allows us to troubleshoot any challenges your system has and repair them quickly.

Lawn Disease & Bug

Although the hot Utah Sun is blamed for dry and dead looking grass, often the problem is not the heat. Grubs, beetles, ants, turfgrass disease and fungi can be the underlying problems to a weak looking lawn. If you have dead patches or discolored areas in your lawn you could have a pest problem. Pitt Landscape can stop the advancement and prevent them from striking your lawn with our prevention lawn maintenance services in South Jordan, UT.

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