Pitt Landscaping provides expert lawn care for West Jordan, UT.

Aerating your Lawn

Heavy snowfalls and dry hot sun compact the soil here in Utah. That compacted dry soil is not optimal for a healthy lawn. Aeration services from Pitt Landscaping will remove a plug of dirt from your grass and allow moisture, air, and nutrients to penetrate it. Aeration is most effective when it is done twice a year.

Fertilization Services for Your Lawn

Growing a healthier lawn begins with a good fertilization schedule. The roots of your grass, as well as the cellular structure, are strengthened when it is fertilized. The extent of which your lawn should be fertilized has many factors, some of which are determined by the time of year. Things like temperatures, and the foot traffic it receives can affect the proper amount of fertilizer to apply to your lawn. To ensure your lawn is always growing at its best, Pitt’s expert landscapers will plan and execute a fertilization routine for your yard.

Mowing, Edging & Trimming

When you trust your lawn maintenance to Pitt Landscaping, you won’t have to keep track of when to mow or how long the blades of grass should be. Our team knows the best time of day to mow, and how long, or short to leave the blades of grass for optimal growth through the entire season. Short grass allows water to get at the roots easily, promoting growth and soften the soil. Long blades of grass will protect roots from sun and heat while keeping moisture in the ground.

Sprinkler Repairs and Installations

Your lawn will dry out and die quickly when a broken or damaged sprinkler system cannot effectively get water to your yard. Moisture can get where it’s needed to keep your lawn hydrated and growing, with a strategically placed sprinkler system from Pitt. Our experts can quickly repair any damaged sprinkler lines or replace them all together with a new sprinkler system installation.

Disease & Bug Control

Fungi, invasive bugs, and tuff disease can cause dead patched and discoloration on your lawn. Pitt Landscaping uses proven methods to treat these problems and stop their advancement. Let our experts eliminate these nuisances with our holistic approach to your lawn care.

Contact Pitt Landscape for West Jordan

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