Due to Utah’s growing population, desert climate, and increasing temperatures, Utah is acting to reduce its water consumption. They have implemented statewide rebates to homeowners who convert their sprinkler timer to an approved Smart Irrigation Timer and Xeriscape their park strip. According to Utah Water Savers website, converting your park strip saves an estimated 5000 – 8000 gallons of water per year, which not only would save you money on your water bill, but the rebate will put cash back in your pocket. The rebate for the timer is $150.00 (excluding tax, shipping, & installation costs) and for the park strip is $1.00 per square foot, or $1.25 if the homeowner takes a class on water conservation. The homeowner must fill out the applications to get the rebates, but well worth the time to help Utah’s water conservation goals.

Want to save even more water? Pitt Landscape can also provide you with a xeriscape design for the entire yard and install it for you. Xeriscaping significantly reduces the amount of water saving you money on your water bill and contributing to lessen Utah’s water consumption. Grass takes up to 1 to 2.5 inches of water per week throughout the sprinkler season. If a homeowner is running a 4-station sprinkler system would equate to 50,000 gallons of water per season. By converting part of your yard to xeriscape and 1 station to a drip zone, you can save 6000 gallons of water per year. Sign up for a xeriscape design before October 15th and receive a 5% discount on landscape projects starting at $2,500.00.

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Have you ever seen sprinklers running when it’s raining or windy outside and think that’s a waste of water? Your thinking is correct, but Pitt Landscape has a solution for you. Convert to a Smart Irrigation Timer by October 15th and get your sprinklers winterized for free.  What is a Smart Irrigation Timer? The Hunter Pro HC Smart Irrigation timer connects over Wi-Fi and uses a weather application to control your watering when it’s raining or windy outside. And if a flow meter is installed to the sprinkler system, it will send alerts when a pipe or sprinkler head is broken. Also, the entire sprinkler system can be controlled from your phone or computer, but if you don’t want to manage your sprinklers Pitt Landscape can do it for you. We charge $10.00 per month to monitor your sprinklers for 7 months from March 15th to October 15th, which includes 24-hour monitoring. Pitt Landscape will receive the alerts when sprinkler breaks occur, notify you, and schedule our technician to come out and fix the issue. Sprinkler repairs are not included in the monthly fee and billed separately.

Want to save even more water? You can by converting your sprinkler nozzles to MP rotors. These nozzles emit water at a slower more even rate, which results in less water run off, saving water, and promoting deeper grass roots resulting in healthier By switching to a smart irrigation timer and MP nozzles you can save up to 50% from your water usage. Check out these videos to see these products in action.

Fall landscape design and installation specials

For many, fall season may seem like an odd time to start a landscape project, However, it’s one of the best times to design and landscape your yard. In Utah September through November temperatures are perfect for planting. The air is cool, but the ground stays warm, which is a perfect combination to quickly establish the roots before the winter freeze comes. Another benefit when living in Utah, it takes less water to establish the roots of plants and turf in the cooler temperatures. Almost half of what it takes in the hottest months. Lastly, with summer season coming to an end, summer parties and BBQ’s are becoming less frequent, so completing the project in the fall is less likely to interfere with any summer fun. Starting in the spring you will be able to have the entire year to enjoy your new landscape. Sign up for a landscape design before October 15th and receive a 5% discount on landscape projects starting at $2,500.00.