So what’s the best way to get your yard back in fighting shape? Pitt Landscape has a decade of practice doing spring lawn cleanup and yard maintenance for homeowners and property management services. We provide both commercial and residential property maintenance year-round. Whether we’re making your lawn look as good as it can in the spring, working on your watering system and lawn throughout the summertime, or winterizing your property when snow begins to fall, Pitt Landscape will keep your property tidy throughout the entire year.

Commercial Property Maintenance

If you want to bring in more clients, increase your commercial property’s monetary value, and lower your overall costs, call Pitt Landscape soon and ask about our commercial property lawn service. We create a maintenance strategy which matches the specific requirements of your lawn. We are available for one-time options like spring cleanup, lawn aeration, fall maintenance and winterization, in addition to recurring spring cleanup and maintenance like shrub pruning, fertilizing, landscaping, sprinkler maintenance and trash cleanup. Our staff is also ready for snow services. Contact us now!

Home Spring Lawn Cleanup serving Midvale

Homeowners throughout Midvale trust Pitt Landscape to get their yard ready every spring. Our residential spring lawn cleanup service brings your lawn to the next level by meeting the specific needs of your yard and then getting it ready for the long summer. If you want your
lawn to look beautiful during the summer season, call Pitt Landscape for your spring lawn cleanup.

Spring Cleanup Lawn Services

Hoping to save costs on your home maintenance this summer? Pitt Landscape offers a variety of services that can be added to save costs and keep your property looking perfect.

Sign up for our annual maintenance program and get as much as 10% off (must get for at least three lawn services to qualify).

Leaf And Debris Cleanup

Dead Leaves and other debris get trampled by heavy snow in the winter, which compresses your lawn. This springtime, ensure your lawn can breathe with our spring cleanup services!

Spring Sprinkler Set Up and Repair

Don’t struggle with cracked and cold sprinkler pipes again. Have us take care of sprinkler maintenance to ensure you don’t have any damage to your home, yard or sprinkler system.

Sign up for yearly sprinkler maintenance and receive 10% off your service.


Aeration for your lawn should be done twice a year, one time in spring and once during the fall. Aeration removes a piece of dirt from your yard, which creates a one-way funnel so nutrients can reach the roots and make the earth soft.

Planting for the Spring

Decorate your property without dirtying your green thumb. Pitt Landscape employs experts in landscape design so you can have a beautiful blend of flowers, shrubs, trees, mulch and more.

Spring Fertilization

The first thing you want when you get up in the morning is to eat breakfast. Your yard works similarly. Your lawn has been hibernating all winter and fertilizer gives the nutrients it needs so it can grow faster, stronger and deeper, providing you a lawn that remains lively and strong even during the dry summer months.

Sign up for annual fertilizer program and get 10% off.

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