So how do you get your property back in fighting form? Pitt Landscape has years of practice doing spring lawn care and yard maintenance for property owners. We offer both residential and commercial property maintenance all year. Whether we are making your lawn look as good as it can in the spring, maintaining your sprinklers and lawn during the summer, or winterizing your home when winter hits, Pitt Landscape will keep your property tidy throughout the year.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

If you want to bring in more clients, grow your commercial property’s monetary value and lower your overhead, contact Pitt Landscape now and inquire about our commercial property lawn care service. We create a maintenance strategy that meets the exact needs of your lawn. Our
team is ready for one-time services like fall maintenance, spring cleanup, lawn aeration and winterization, in addition to seasonal lawn care cleanup and maintenance like sprinkler maintenance, trash cleanup, fertilizing, landscaping and shrub maintenance. Our team is also available for snow services. Call us soon!

Home Spring Lawn Cleanup Services serving Salt Lake City

Homeowners across Salt Lake City put their trust in Pitt Landscape to get their yard ready each spring. Our residential spring lawn cleanup service brings your lawn to the next level by addressing the particular needs of your property and then getting it ready for the long dry summer. If you’re hoping for your yard to look beautiful during the summer season, contact Pitt Landscape for your spring lawn cleanup.

Spring Cleanup Lawn Services

Want to cut costs on your lawn maintenance this year? Pitt Landscape offers many services which can be added to save you money and keep your yard looking great.

Sign up for our yearly maintenance program and get up to 10% off (must sign up for at least three services to qualify).

Debris and Leaf Services

Leaves and other debris get trampled by snow during the winter, which can restrict the growth of your lawn. This springtime, ensure your lawn can breathe with our spring lawn cleanup service!

Sprinkler Services

Don’t wrestle with cracked and cold sprinkler pipes again. Have us do the work turning your sprinkler system on in the spring and off in the fall to ensure you don’t have any damages to your yard, home and sprinkler system.

Sign up for yearly sprinkler maintenance and receive 10% off your services.


Aeration for your lawn needs to be done bi-annually, one time during the spring and once in the fall. Aeration takes out a cylinder of dirt from the ground, which makes a one-way funnel so nutrients can reach the roots and make the soil soft.

Planting for the Spring

Decorate your property without lifting your green thumb. Pitt Landscape employs experts in design so you can have a beautiful mix of flowers, shrubs, trees, mulch and more.


The first thing you’re jonesing for when you get up is to eat breakfast. Your yard is the same way. Your lawn has been “sleeping” all winter long and fertilizer provides the nutrients it needs to grow faster, more robustly and deeper, providing you a lawn that remains vibrant and healthy even during the dry summer.

Sign up for annual fertilizer service and get 10% off.

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