With the arid climate and frequent drought years in Salt Lake City, every drop of water matters. If you want a superior lawn, watering deep and less frequently forces the water deeper into the soil, which causes the roots to chase the water downward for a deeper root base and stronger grass. It’s much harder to water deep when certain parts of your lawn aren’t being reached by your sprinkler system. Conversely, if a section of your lawn is watered too heavily, it becomes water logged, damp, and creates fungi problems in the future. With Pitt Landscape, we ensure every part of your lawn and plants receives the right amount of water to grow effectively and economically, even in the harsh summer.

Sprinkler System Installation

From the beginning, a sprinkler system needs to be designed to distribute water evenly throughout your yard. When Pitt Landscape designs and installs your new sprinkler system, we put emphasis on strategic water distribution so you aren’t wasting water by having a sprinkler head under your fence line or spraying your sidewalks. You’ll save money every month by not wasting a drop of water all season long.

Sprinkler Repair

How often do you turn your sprinkler system on in the spring with your fingers crossed, hoping that there isn’t a leak in the system? Unfortunately, sprinkler system repairs don’t tend to listen to crossed fingers. When you come home to the newly formed Geyser in your front yard, contact us immediately to fix the problem and get your sprinkler system functioning properly.

Spring Sprinkler Start-Up & Fall Sprinkler Shutoff

Salt Lake City’s freezing winters mean you need to take extra care of your sprinkler system. There is no worse surprise than a sprinkler blow out when turning your sprinkler system on again after the freezing winter. When done incorrectly, you could be facing hundreds of dollars of system repairs from burst fittings, broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler blow out, and pipe bursts, not to mention potential water damage. To ensure your system remains safe during the winter and starts up safely again in the spring, have Pitt Landscape winterize your sprinkler system. We take extra care in shutting off your sprinkler system so you don’t end up with a nasty sprinkler blow out surprise come springtime. Call Pitt Landscape today to schedule your sprinkler shut off before the snow starts coming down.