Why You Need a Professional Commercial Landscaper

Pitt Landscaping is a professional commercial landscaping company in Salt Lake City, UT, serving businesses throughout the Salt Lake valley. Our landscaping business is built on our promise to provide unique commercial landscaping that fit in perfectly with the culture and climate of the surrounding areas. Business owners trust Pitt Landscape because our constant updates and property maintenance provide landscaping that gives their businesses a unique and professional look that customers love. Our commercial landscaping professionals strive to consistently create landscape designs that are beautiful, water conscious, and eco-friendly. These designs also set us apart from the competition because they represent the distinct flora and culture of Salt Lake City, UT.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Pitt Landscape provides property maintenance service that will help ease your mind and keep your property looking its best. Our commercial property maintenance services cover every aspect of landscaping and lawn care. This helps ensure your property is always in tip-top condition and looks great. Consistent commercial landscaping maintenance will help your business look professional and will also increase the value of your commercial property over time.

Get the Best Service with Annual Property Maintenance Contracts

For the best service, we offer affordable annual commercial landscaping and property maintenance contracts that are available year-round. This provides your business with the best service in the valley and will keep your commercial property looking great throughout all the seasons. We have contracts to fit the maintenance needs of all sizes and types of business. No business is too large or small for our professional services. Contact a professional Pitt Landscape consultant today for a competitive landscaping and maintenance services bid.

Winter Commercial Snow Removal

Although Salt Lake City is a great place to ski and play in the snow, it’s far less great when snow is piling up in front of your business and making it harder for customers to visit your store. It can even be impossible for them to reach your business if the parking lot is full of snow! Ice and snow buildup on your sidewalks and walkways often leads to injury and litigation. Have your snow removal needs taken care of with our commercial snow removal service.

Areas Served