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Think of the commercial landscaping on your property as a billboard for your business. If you want to make a good impression on your customers, you need a commercial landscaper that knows how to make your business look its best—even from the street. Having great looking property will help get you more customers and create a better customer experience before they step a foot inside your doors. Beautiful commercial landscaping is also a great addition to the advertising of your business.

Have you had a bad experience with commercial landscaping by another landscaper? There are many landscapers out there who claim to be professionals at commercial landscaping, but many of them just don’t have what it takes to get your property looking it’s best. Bad looking property can drive away customers and hurt your business. You need a professional with experience in maintaining and designing commercial landscapes.

Since 2007, business owners have entrusted Pitt Landscape to provide quality landscape design and installations for their commercial properties. 

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Why You Need a Professional 

Commercial Landscaper

Pitt Landscaping is a professional commercial landscaping company in Salt Lake City, UT, serving businesses throughout the Wasatch front. Our landscaping business is built on our promise to provide unique commercial landscaping that fits in perfectly with the culture and climate of the surrounding areas.

Business owners trust Pitt Landscape because we provide their businesses a unique and professional look that customers love. Our commercial landscaping professionals strive to consistently create landscape designs that are beautiful, water conscious, and eco-friendly.

These designs also set us apart from the competition because they represent the distinct flora and culture of Salt Lake City, UT.

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Winter Commercial

Snow Removal

Our Salt Lake City winters are brutal but with Pitt Landscape’s snow removal experience we can handle any size storm. Our fleet of snow removal and sidewalk crews will ensure your property is free and clear of snow as quickly as possible so your customers and employees can be safe entering your business.

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Beautify Your Landscape

Our Services

Pitt Landscape is a leading design and installation landscaping company. We will take your landscaping dreams and make them a reality. 

Paths and Walkways

Walkways and paths through your yard and a great method for breaking up space in your lawn and creating visual interest. Well-designed paths allow you to add beautiful stone and brickwork too.

Fire Pits

Fire pits bring new life to your yard when the sun goes down, providing warmth, beauty and the perfect spot to relax. We offer fire pit construction services, so you can enjoy the soft, flickering light dancing on the tree branches above and bring your outdoor gatherings to life.


When looking to add a simple, clean, and decorative touch to your landscape concrete is the way to go. Not only is concrete an affordable hard surface option, it is durable and will hold up to Utah’s harsh climate


This water conservative method of yard care is perfect for Utah, because it is a dry arid desert. Using xeriscaping in your yard is an excellent solution if you are tired of plants that die and need replacing year-round.

Architectural Elements and Retaining Walls

Architectural elements like retaining walls and decorative walls provide structure and stability to your yard. Just because retaining walls are used to contain and sure-up areas doesn’t mean that they have to be utilitarian.

Snow Removal

Pitt Landscape is here to remove the snow. We’ll clear these mounds of snow for you while also providing additional, meticulous snow and ice removal services.

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