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Fire Pit Design and Installation

Experience the enchantment of your outdoor space with our Fire Pit Design and Installation services. As daylight fades, fire pits offer not just warmth but also an exquisite ambiance that transforms your yard into a cozy retreat. Pitt Landscape & Construction specializes in expertly designing fire pits, ensuring you can enjoy the gentle glow of flickering light during your outdoor gatherings.


A backyard fire pit becomes a gathering hub for family and friends, creating the perfect setting for celebrations, relaxation, and shared stories. Regardless of the time of day or season, our fire pit design and installation services enhance your landscape, providing an inviting space for various occasions.


Beyond ambiance, our adept fire pit contractors can create a versatile spot for cookouts or marshmallow roasts. Modern families seek a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, and an outdoor fire pit becomes the centerpiece of this experience. Trust Pitt Landscape & Construction to elevate your outdoor lifestyle with a thoughtfully designed fire pit, adding both charm and functionality to your landscape.

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Fire Pit Inspiration

If your idea of an outdoor fire pit evokes images of sitting on rocks around a primitive campfire, prepare to be delighted by the sophistication of today’s high-tech design options. Pitt Landscape & Construction offers a diverse range of choices, turning your fire pit dreams into a reality. Whatever size, shape, configuration, or architectural style you envision, we have the expertise to bring it to life.


Whether you prefer concrete, natural stone, or block, we can construct a design that perfectly complements your preferences. Pitt Landscape & Construction provides flexibility in fuel options, allowing you to choose between gas or propane for a clean, adjustable, and easy-to-start fire. Alternatively, opt for a traditional wood-burning pit if you cherish the smell, look, and feel of a real fire. With our diverse fire pit options, your outdoor space will be transformed into a stylish and functional haven.

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Fire Pits Built to Last

We comply with all governing building codes, because we want you to enjoy your new fire pit for years to come. The Pitt Landscape & Construction contractors will ensure that it’s located and designed to provide the maximum level of comfort and safety.


Our high-quality designs and materials will endure decades of use throughout the weather extremes of northern Utah and add value and enjoyment to your home.


Whatever your budget and design preferences, we can create the fire pit of your dreams.

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Create a Seamless Extension of Your Landscape

Maybe you’re adding a fire pit as part of a full landscape project, or you simply want to add one to your existing yard layout. Whatever the case, you will improve the aesthetics and value of your home with a well-designed fire pit construction.
Our landscape designers will work with you to create the perfect size and configuration, but they will also work to incorporate your fire pit as an integral part of your landscaping.
You can choose to tie in the design by using materials that match your home or patio, or you can select materials that reflect the natural surroundings of your home.

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