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Sprinkler System Installation

A successful sprinkler system starts with a thoughtful design that ensures even water distribution across your entire yard. At Pitt Landscape & Construction, our focus on strategic water distribution during the design and installation of your new sprinkler system goes beyond the ordinary. We prioritize efficiency to prevent water wastage and eliminating concerns about dry spots or dead plants due to inadequate watering.


Our commitment to precision not only ensures a lush and healthy landscape but also translates to savings on your monthly water bills throughout the season. Trust Pitt Landscape & Construction for a sprinkler system installation that optimizes water usage and enhances the vitality of your outdoor space.

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Conserve Water

In the arid climate of Salt Lake City, where every drop of water matters, achieving a superior lawn requires strategic watering practices, particularly during frequent droughts. At Pitt Landscape & Construction, we emphasize the importance of watering deep and less frequently to encourage water penetration into the soil, fostering deeper roots for a robust and resilient lawn.


However, efficient water conservation goes beyond the lawn. Converting traditional spray heads to drip lines in flower beds is a transformative step to save water and eliminate moisture against the home. Our expertise ensures that every part of your landscape receives the precise amount of water needed for effective and economical growth, even during the harsh summer months. Pitt Landscape & Construction is your trusted partner for comprehensive water conservation practices that promote a healthy and thriving outdoor environment while safeguarding your home.

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Start-Up & Shut Off

In the freezing winters of Salt Lake City, protecting your sprinkler system is crucial to avoid unwelcome surprises and costly repairs. There’s nothing worse than discovering a sprinkler blowout when restarting the system after winter. Incorrectly handled, this could lead to extensive repairs, including burst fittings, broken sprinkler heads, and pipe bursts, not to mention the risk of potential water damage.


To ensure the safety of your system during winter and a trouble-free start-up in spring, entrust Pitt Landscape & Construction with the winterization of your sprinkler system. Our meticulous approach to shutting off your system prevents the unpleasant surprise of a sprinkler blowout come springtime. Schedule your sprinkler shut-off with Pitt Landscape & Construction today to safeguard your system before the snow starts falling.

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