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Pitt Landscape & Constructionhas been installing landscapes across Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, and Tooele County since 2007. Because of Utah’s harsh winters and dry hot summers, we know what landscaping products and materials are sturdy enough to endure the changing seasons. We also know what indigenous flowers, foliage, and species that are hearty enough to survive the dramatic shift in temperatures we encounter in our beautiful city.

Homes throughout Wasatch Front have benefited throughout the years from Pitt Landscape & Construction.

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Why Hire a Professional Landscaping


With all the DIY shows, and postings on social media, you may ask yourself if you need to hire a professional landscaping company? Well, if you want the project completed efficiently, on time and to your specifications, then yes, you should hire the professionals from Pitt.

Regardless of whether you love doing your own landscaping at your Millcreek home or you hate it, there are many benefits to hiring a residential landscaping company. Your Utah property is your pride and joy, your biggest investment and your refuge from the world — why not take the time and trouble make it the oasis you’ve always dreamed about?

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Residential Xeriscaping in Millcreek

Have you heard of xeriscaping? It’s a method of landscaping that requires little to no water. Pitt Landscape & Construction is the leading landscaping company that Millcreek-area residents turn to for xeriscaping.

In northern Utah, our winters are cold and snowy and our summers are hot and dry. We enjoy the changing seasons, but it can be tough on your landscaping. Trying to keep a lawn green in Millcreek — especially with the recent droughts — can be challenging.

When you choose our landscaping company to create a residential desert landscaping plan for you, you don’t have to worry about irrigation. You don’t need to install an irrigation system, set up sprinklers or pay a big water bill.

That’s because our residential landscape designers create beautiful yards populated with cactuses, succulents and other plants that need little to no water. Trust our skill and experience with xeriscaping.

Professional Landscaping

Improves Property Values

It’s a well-known fact in the construction industry that some of the most common home renovations — kitchen and bath remodeling — don’t have a very high return on investment. For this reason, contractors recommend that homeowners only do these renovations to further their enjoyment of their property, not to make more money when they resell their home.

But landscaping is different. Landscaping can bring an ROI of over 100% — some estimates say up to 400%. The money you spend today on residential landscaping services at your Millcreek home will pay off big time when you’re ready to move — but only if you work with a respected, experienced Utah residential landscaping contractor such as Pitt Landscape & Construction.

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Make Your Yard Your Sanctuary

Imagine coming home after a long day at work to a nice quiet spot where you can enjoy a cold glass of lemonade while you gaze upon the beauty of your landscaping. When you work with our residential landscape architects, we design a visually compelling landscape based on your preferences.

Do you wish you had a firepit to extend the season for sitting outdoors? Paths, walls and walkways made of brick, stone or landscaping rocks can transform your yard from a ho-hum space to an inviting secret garden.

Best Residential Landscaping Services in Millcreek

If you live in Millcreek or the surrounding area, get in touch with Pitt Landscape & Construction today. We have nearly 15 years of experience landscaping in our unique northern Utah climate. Depend on our team to make your dreams a reality.

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Our Services

Pitt Landscape & Construction is a leading design and installation landscaping company. We will take your landscaping dreams and make them a reality. 

Paths and Walkways

Walkways and paths through your yard and a great method for breaking up space in your lawn and creating visual interest. Well-designed paths allow you to add beautiful stone and brickwork too.

Fire Pits

Fire pits bring new life to your yard when the sun goes down, providing warmth, beauty and the perfect spot to relax. We offer fire pit construction services, so you can enjoy the soft, flickering light dancing on the tree branches above and bring your outdoor gatherings to life.


When looking to add a simple, clean, and decorative touch to your landscape concrete is the way to go. Not only is concrete an affordable hard surface option, it is durable and will hold up to Utah’s harsh climate


This water conservative method of yard care is perfect for Utah, because it is a dry arid desert. Using xeriscaping in your yard is an excellent solution if you are tired of plants that die and need replacing year-round.

Architectural Elements and Retaining Walls

Architectural elements like retaining walls and decorative walls provide structure and stability to your yard. Just because retaining walls are used to contain and sure-up areas doesn’t mean that they have to be utilitarian.

Snow Removal

Pitt Landscape & Construction is here to remove the snow. We’ll clear these mounds of snow for you while also providing additional, meticulous snow and ice removal services.

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