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Water features are one of the most effective ways to elevate your landscaping to new heights. Whether you prefer a quiet place of repose or the rumble of water cascading from above, a fountain brings life to your space. Since the dawn of time, mankind has been drawn to the sights and sounds of moving water.

Added to the landscape elements of your home or business, water features allow you to create the ideal ambiance. From cozy stone grottos to majestic entry fountains, water features draw the eye and captivate the mind. In Utah Pitt Landscape & Construction is your premier water feature design and installation specialist.

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Water Walls, Waterfalls and Fountains to 

Enhance Your Space

At Pitt Landscape & Construction, your imagination is truly the limit for your water feature design.

We specialize in all sizes and styles of water fountains, waterfalls and accent features. From simple bubbling vases to entire walls of falling water, we can design the perfect focal point to enhance your landscaping.

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We can recommend the design accents and landscaping to enhance your water feature and to incorporate it fully into your space. If you prefer a more natural look, consider a koi pond or gently bubbling brook, designed to look and feel as though it is one of nature’s own creations. If high-style is more your preference, imagine the drama of smooth, jet-black marble or a sleek concrete monolith fountain, spilling gently into an infinity pool below.

Add your favorite plants, accent walls, comfortable seating and even statuary to make your design truly your own.

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An Environmentally

Friendly Choice

Lest you feel concern about environmental factors, rest assured that today’s high-tech water features are ecologically friendly, designed to minimize evaporation, recycling the water and keeping it clean and bright. And, as much as we enjoy the mesmerizing and life-giving aspects of water, wildlife is drawn to water as well. Your water feature can support the wildlife you choose to add or attract local species to your yard for a drink of life-giving water.

Whether you wish to create a relaxing family space in the back yard or make a statement at the front entrance of your home or business, call on Pitt Landscape & Construction to bring your water features to life.

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