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Xeriscaping is becoming a more popular option for landscaped yards in Utah. This water conservative method of yard care is perfect for Utah, because it is a dry arid desert. Using xeriscaping in your yard is an excellent solution if you are tired of plants that die and need replacing year-round. Pitt Landscape & Construction is your local xeriscaping professional in Utah.

Xeriscaping is growing in popularity as people begin to understand the importance of conserving water. As it uses drought-tolerant plants and rocks as structural components, xeriscaping uses less water. It reduces and eliminates the need for excessive water or irrigation and it saves you money and conserves natural resources.

Pitt Landscape & Construction will transform your yard into a beautiful environment that reflects the natural beauty of Utah with xeriscaping.

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The benefits of having Pitt Landscape & Construction professionals install xeriscaping for your landscape in Utah extend beyond just water conservation. Xeriscaping is a more local and natural habitat for Utah. As we are a local company with a long history in Utah, our team is well educated regarding the indigenous plants of the area and what other flora and fauna pair well with them.

Cultivating local greenery means that you are guaranteed that you have a xeriscape that will thrive in our climate. Therefore, you as a homeowner have less yard work to worry about. Pitt can help save you time and effort when we xeriscape your yard. An environmentally friendly yard that requires less care means that you will have more free time to spend as you like.

Along with minimal yard care, xeriscaping also allows you to cultivate native Utah plants. Trust our team to use hearty, drought resistant, local greenery, and plants. We ensure that our landscapers have an excellent education about the methods and products to use to ensure that your garden is water and eco-conscience as well as beautiful. Pitt Landscape & Construction will make sure that your xeriscaping is an environment that is inviting as well as sustainable.

Xeriscape My Landscape
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Pitt Landscape & Construction experts look for new and revolutionizing ways to create artful and exciting outdoor living spaces. A beautifully xeriscaped yard is a place to spend time relaxing with your friends and family. And minimal maintenance time means you can be outside in your new yard. So, whether you have a recently constructed house with a new yard or an existing landscape you want to be transformed with xeriscaping, Pitt Landscape & Construction is your top choice in Utah.

We are a locally owned and operated company which specializes in landscape design, hardscaping, and xeriscaping. With the variety of services we offer, there isn’t any job that we cannot handle, regardless of the size or scope We take a consultative approach to our xeriscaping. Our team will spend time with you to have a full understanding of what you want. From there we will establish a design that utilizes the best plants and structures to accomplish the xeriscaping of your dreams.

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