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Summer’s here. Time to take advantage of the sunny days and the cool nights by extending your indoor living space to the outdoors. Whether you love to entertain or simply want an oasis where you can get away from indoor distractions, we have a few ideas to spruce up your lawn and garden area.

Who Doesn’t Love Barbecue?

Whether you’re working with a simple hibachi or you prefer the convenience of a full-sized kitchen, adding a barbecue area outdoors is a tried-and-tested way to add style to your home. You may even forget that you have a kitchen indoors! Add counter space and a small refrigerator to streamline meal preparation and serving.

Sit in Style

Don’t be tempted to simply scatter a dozen lawn chairs all over the patio when you have guests. Low concrete walls and nooks on a patio can act as room dividers, turning your barbecue area into an extension of your living room. Add a pergola and throw in some outdoor sofas and you have an elegant alternative to the adult’s table.

Keep It Private

Strategically positioned lattices and pergolas can screen an exposed roof or area of your garden while allowing the space to breathe. A free-floating stone wall can also create a border and add charm while giving you privacy. Create an outdoor breakfast nook by tucking a small table and chairs into the corner of the backyard, separated by tall hedges or a stone fence, where you can enjoy your morning coffee or have a private chat.

Make a Game Out of It… Literally

Remember the gigantic chessboard from Harry Potter? While you don’t need to get that extreme, take oversized granite slabs and position them in an empty corner of the yard to add some life. Then find (or make) some oversized chess or checker pieces and you’ll take couples game night to new levels!

Think Outside the Box

More specifically, think outside the box that is your home. You might not want to completely mimic the style of the place where you spend most of your time. Start using your imagination and flex your creativity. Think of a place that inspires you, like a luxury resort you may have visited. Then choose which elements you like best and incorporate them into your design. Consider separate destinations, too, like a pavilion and a pool. These can provide features for everyone to enjoy while keeping things together yet separate.

Play with Ambience

A fireplace can take an outdoor living space from normal to lavish, and it’s the perfect gathering spot for the whole family, whether you’re cozying up together on a cool evening or roasting marshmallows.

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